The Owners

Richard Pattenden, M.Sc., P. Biol.

Principal, Senior Biologist

Rick's career in ecology and environmental biology spans more than 20 years. He has undertaken fisheries research studies, completed environmental effects assessments, designed aquatic environmental monitoring programs, evaluated fisheries compensation projects, and provided expert witness testimony at environmental hearings. While Rick excels in many areas of fisheries research, his primary roles with Mainstream include project management, quality assurance, environmental assessments, and regulatory approvals.

Chantal Pattenden, Fisheries Management Diploma

Principal, Senior Technician

As an environmental consultant for over 20 years, Chantal has gained extensive knowledge of aquatic biological systems. Her understanding of appropriate sampling methods allows her to excel at field investigations and laboratory analyses. Her experience is fundamental to Mainstream's high standard of data collection and enhances her role as a mentor for junior staff.



Temporary Staff

Mainstream regularly employs temporary staff to meet project requirements. We maintain a comprehensive list of qualified persons in order to meet project needs in a timely fashion.


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